“One of the simplest undead, normally mindless they are like a cough to the plague, a small symptom of far worse.” Lontain, the Wandering Bard

Both holy men and mages who seek to use the fallen’s bodies as minions start on their path raising fresh corpses to a mindless and useless existence. Zombies are putrid and vile, they barley take commands and are only used as walking fodder or to plague villages and travelers. While walking bones can last a long time, and undertake simple tactical maneuvers, a group of zombies simple shambles directly toward whatever it is trying to kill. The only thing to be careful of, is zombies in large numbers. If you fear coming into contact with these walking dead, a study blade will dispatch them far better then an arrow or bludgeon.

While the simplest of zombies are an annoyance to a trained adventurer, many of those who raise the undead learn to augment their creations with various qualities. One of the more common is to turn a zombie into a small node of negative energy which allows greater undead to feed off of the and grow stronger, or if they are damaged beyond repair the energy can explode out of them.

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