A displaced viceroy caste


Not all of Clan Aujir’s viceroy caste believe that the laws are correct, Fehrt was the example made to keep the rest of the doubters inline and quiet. Having come to the realization before his 14th year that a rigid caste system was not lawful, good or useful to anyone other then those in power he began to speak about it. At first he was written off as being young and naive, but after his 17th birthday his rhetoric only increased. After numerous warnings from his family and peers, the Viceroy had enough and made the ultimatum of either line up or get out, Fehrt, an orc of his convictions, he choose to leave and tried to make it very clear why. Upon coming to Outcast’s Refuge Vhen was worried that he would try to either lead or rile up others against their old clan, but he did not. Fehrt was being trained to become a shaman, but he was much more talented in the arcane arts in which he studies when he can, but he is yet to have anything but the most rudimentary training.

Keep ability

Labor: 0
Fehrt can brew potions (lvl 1) or scribe scrolls (lvl 1) at the rate of 1 per time period. These are produced at creation cost from components.


Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen