Orcish Warrior


Unlike the majority of the outcast’s, Gruss was not exiled but choose to leave with Irrin, his now wife who was a member of the worker caste. While Gruss was one of the greatest warriors of Clan Aujir the previous viceroy did not want him to be with a worker as it could set a bad precedent. Counting on his loyalty to the clan to out weigh that of passion, the viceroy banished Irrin but Gruss, without a word packed his things and left with her. Gruss is the soldier and protector of Outcast’s Refuge and has 3 children, Rex, Girmhold, and Sophia.

Gruss owns Grub Hunter, his trusty steed and companion.

Keep ability

Labor: 0
Gruss is a warrior and protects the encampment


Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen