An old Dwarven Soldier


Gunny served in the Dwarven Mountain Guard through all 3 of the recent Giant Wars (the last of which ended some 70 years ago). Since then he lived a simple life of tavern stories and hoping to relive some glory. When Elhellin was left with him as a favor to an old friend he loved having a captive audience for his tales of some 300 years of fighting and adventure. As time dragged on and the stories ran low Gunny knew something had happened to his friend. Not wanting to just write him off as dead (though Gunny knew he was, no one survives 2 years in the mountains alone) it was an opportunity to not only get new stories, but make sure that all of his stories would grow in the skills he could teach this girl. Selling his house, spending all the rest of his money on gear they set off to find her parents and have a grand adventure. After a few months, a few battles and a few close calls they were near the end of their supplies but Gunny found an orc encampment and, unlike the majority of his race, he knew that the orcs far to the west were good and was able to scout Outcast’s Refuge and see that they were of the metallic clans.

While Gunny has settle in here (the orcish children love his stories) him and Elhellin still take regular trips into the Deep Roads looking for proof (and adventure).

Labor: 0
Gunny provides protection for the settlement. Gunny can also make one knowledge check (in story form) per period that the party is in town


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