A lizardman outcast


Hsshk was left in a shallow breeding pool to die after he did not mature fast enough and his clan was ready to move on (there are a few clans of very nomadic lizardmen who inhabit the deep roads). But through either luck or fate, the pool that he was in was located in an old compound that was a stopping and supply point for Outcast’s Refuge. once he matured enough to walk he was surrounded with enough food to live off of until he was discovered by a returning group of foragers. While they initially thought him an animal and nearly killed and ate him, Gunny knew of the lizard people and their ways. Hsshk has never known his own kind having only met them when they came to trade with Outcast’s Refuge. It is obvious that he was breed to be a warrior by his powerful build and natural aptitude in combat (this also makes him a particularly skilled hunter).

Labor: 1 (adds 1 food when foraging)


Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen