An Orc Quartermaster


Most outcasts came either after being forced out, or seeing the writing on the walls, Jahiln was different, he wanted something else. Being born into Clan Aujir’s warrior caste Jahiln was a decent fighter but never excelled. What he was good at was numbers and logistics, a very useful skill to have, but one he was never able to use above keeping check of his squad’s equipment. Unsatisfied after nearly 10 years fighting, Jahiln one day simply packed his belongings and left to a place he had heard where an orc could do what he was good at, not what he was born to do. Upon arriving at Outcast’s Refuge Jahiln took over the keeping of records and supplies from Vhen and soon became in-charge of keeping the settlement running on a day to day basis.

Labor: 0
Jahiln can trade with traveling traders if the proper ammenties are set up


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