An Orc scout


Rassid was a great scout for Clan Orn during the most recent bout of skirmished with the chromatic clans. During a deep scouting mission Rassid found himself in battle with a Charir war party. While he was able to harass and slow them, he could not stop them from pillaging a small border holding where they slaughtered the 15 orcs that called it home. Ashamed of his failure, he went on a suicide mission to hunt down the members of the war party and kill them. While he waged a miniture war, striking with simple traps and arrows, he was able to kill all but the war parties leader, who is now a subchief of one of the tribes.

Rassid has tried 2 times to kill Rythic, the 2nd time not only failing to kill him but only surviving by being found by Gruss and being nursed back to health by Irrin.

Keep ability

Labor: 0
Rassid can scout any near by territory or adventure spot to give insight as to what is there.


Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen