An elder orc, leader of outcast's refuge


Vhen was born into Clan Aujir’s worker class. While he was intelligent, he was destined to be nothing more then a clan historian, keeper of records and maintainer of the library. This path, however was ripped from him due to one of his brood mates, Azrit, who upon becoming an adult manifested his draconic blood with wings. Azrit was sent to discover more of his draconic heritage and never returned. troubled by this turn of events, Vhen researched in the now private library of the viceroys he discovered that behavior like this was not only odd, but the clan was to be divided into castes based solely on the merits of the individual, not their birth or brood.

With this knowledge, Vhen tried to bring this to the chief, but he was caught and publicly banished for faked crimes. Having nothing, and knowing that the mountains would claim him, Vhen hovered on the edge of the metalic lands, gaining food and protection from some orcs sympathetic to his plight. After a few years Vhen began to find others who had been kicked out, or did not want to live in the system. Once he had gathered 20 others with him he let it be known that all outcasts would be welcome in the deep and lead his small group to an old dwarven city that was mostly intact. Since then (for 35 some years) Vhen has been leading those forsaken in the forgotten, welcoming all who have no other place, which has led to a rather diverse group.

Labor: 0
handles day to day undertakings and small problems


Half breeds and a Human Falchen Falchen