Half Orc


Yorrin came from Clan Aujir‘s warrior caste. He is a striking example of why absolute castes are a terrible idea, he is not strong, particularly brave or cunning. Unlike those who manifest the dragon blood, Yorrin shows more signs of being human than orc. He was simply asked to leave and knowing only obedience he did, lucky for him Vhen found him and brought him to Outcast’s Refuge. Yorrin while simple is not useless, what he lacks in battle capabilities he makes up for in craftsmanship. Yorrin took to working with stone, even with simple tools he showed a natural ability with them. Outcast’s Refuge and surrounding area owes a large part of its safety to Yorrin’s crafted upgrades and traps.

Keep ability

Labor: 1
Varcus gathers one Stone additional when he quarries rock


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