An Orc Laborer


Zuggs never learned any particular skill, he just floated by digging, carrying and undertaking general labor. At first Clan Aujir’s Viceroy just assumed he was lazy and he was assigned to general work details. Only a few years past his entering into adulthood he was unfortunate enough to bare witness to a discussion between the Viceroy and another of his caste where the Viceroy made it clear that if his caste mate did not start to take serious the separations that were created to protect his right to lead from behind he would be banished. While Zuggs did not really care, when Fehrt was later “sent on mission” Zuggs was assigned to accompany him to remove witnesses of what was really going on. Zuggs followed Fehrt who went directly to Outcast’s Refuge and asked to join.

Labor: 1


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