Total wealth in GP: 65,883.6

Currency: 32,883.6

Gold: 30,300
Silver: 24,775
Copper: 10,610

Objects of Wealth

Gems: 12,350gp
890 GEMS: 8,900gp
12 GEMS: 1,200gp
50 GEMS: 1,250gp
1 Gem: 1,000

Metals: 14,750gp
Gold Bar: 12,000gp
Gold ore: 2,000gp
Gold (raw, broken items): 500gp
Silver (raw, broken items): 250gp
(type)(gp value)

Art/jewelry: 5,900gp
Broken jewelry/precious metals: 2,000gp
7 pieces jewelry (dragon motifs): 1,900gp
4 ornamental daggers: 2,000gp
(item/s) (gp value)

Trade goods: Total GP value

Magic Items and Other:

Magic items you want to sell/trade:

Other: Spy glass, 3 masterwork warhammers, 1 masterwork battle axe

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