Dark Heart Cloak


This is a magic cloak.

cape / cloak / robe

This cloak gives the wearer a +5 competence bonus to stealth when in shadows. If the wearer is a rogue, the cloak applies the “Bleeding Attack” to any melee sneak attacks made by the rogue. Once per day the cloak can cast protection from good on the wearer.

After the battle at the hill giant camp, this cloak started to provide its user with additional bonuses. When the wearer makes an attack against a target that cannot see them (successful stealth, 100% concealment or invisible) they gain an additional +2 to hit.

Black cloth ringed with mithril and having the essence of darkness embedded into the jet black dragon glass, this cloak was crafted by the Aurix but they were unaware of its full properties when they gave it to Wilfred.

Dark Heart Cloak

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